My intention is to create joy by capturing moments of profound beauty with a delicate, and considered perspective

Each year I begin a new diary. With the first page turned, I am met with the thought of endless possibilities. 

I’m Fiona May. A mother of two boys, I see the glass half-full. Usually, I’m busy tending to the veggie patch, preparing a simple honest meal, listening to business podcasts, or slipping on my runners to sweat it out. All of these good things I love, they allow me to be the best version of myself. 

My aim is to sprinkle a little inspiration, optimism and cheer, when working with my clients. My passion? Business growth. Self-empowerment. And documenting meaningful moments through my lens.

As a visual person, aesthetics are my everything. They create my safe place and have the power to move me. I believe our environment and experiences teach us how we can feel and live.

So, just like opening a new diary at the dawn of a new year, it’s as if I’m adjusting the lens, preparing to focus on the intricate details of business ventures, the timeless beauty of weddings, the warmth of family connections, and the unique stories embedded in a commission piece. You see, each segment of my diary is like a different photoshoot, with its own theme and narrative waiting to unfold.My aim? Is to use my creativity to compose this inspirational feeling for you too.

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