Me With Pig

My love for photography emerged when I started life on the farm.

Off a pastured pork farm in Toowoomba QLD ‘Paddock to Potager’, I bred heritage Wessex Saddleback pigs, selling labelled ethical pork direct to the consumer. The founder of a successful Agri-tourism venture, renowned for its farmhouse experience. I worked with a menagerie of farm animals to give a glimpse of on-farm life. Passionate about handing down skills and knowledge of farm-life, I hosted on-farm tours plus open days where I would have anywhere up to 5000 people at my farm on one occasion: Together with an interactive on-farm café, and market garden, I’m proud to say, I became an industry thought leader. Being the lady to learn about how to start your very own small-scale farm, I quickly gained attention, appearing on television, radio, podcasts, magazines and made regularly featured in the newspaper.

I also founded and directed the Toowoomba Farmers’ Market brand which grew into not only a morning market, but to twilight events too. These included food demos, long lunches, farm open days, and farm tours. Plus, connected with local talent, producers, and TV personalities such as Hayden Quinn and Costa Georgiadis. We together educated and changed mindsets surrounding local food produce and growers. You’ll still see the Toowoomba Farmers’ Market running today, under the Windmills next to Cobb and Co in Toowoomba. To further develop my passion of Agriculture, business and connection, it only felt natural to pivot and change direction. I feel honoured to continue working with other rural families and businesses.

“I find it so inspiring, watching a business with passion lead an innovative and creative team. For me, to work with a business, who creates the highest versions of themselves and achieve great things to contribute to the Ag industry is very powerful just in itself. The positive impact this brings to our communities is undeniable, not to mention empowering”. Fiona May

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