Flourishing into Photography

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As I’ve mentioned in past blogs, I’ve been involved within the Agricultural sector for years now.

Since being on the farm in Toowoomba QLD ‘Paddock to Potager’, a successful Agri-tourism venture, and founding Darling Downs’ only genuine Toowoomba Farmers’ Market, I, as most creatives, have taken the ‘long way round’. I could have stayed and lived a life on the farm but, things happen to us for a reason.

Now I reside in the Central Tablelands, in NSW, and consider myself a multi creative; a term I’ve heard just recently for passionate artisans who do a magnitude of things.

For the most part, I am a photographer. Documenting moments of rural life for businesses, regional boards, community, and private events, and of course, rural families and lifestyle.

I also design logos, create visual and written content for websites and socials.

I advocate for local business and typically the Agricultural sector.

I love to support people through education and inspiration. Therefore, I’ve decided to take the leap into owning my own business again. Helping others in my industry kick arse in their chosen field, working hard for clients who value my worth and a purpose that utilises my creative side (as I rather crumble working in the 9-5 scene) is something I am grateful for.

I’m also a single mum with two young men soon to be 10 and 12 years. I want them to look back and see how hard their parents worked, always taking into consideration our family’s values and morals. I believe it’s important to show our children if we work hard, we can achieve almost anything.

The direction I’m taking now helps I have experience working with local regional councils and community, directing a genuine farmers’ market with a farmhouse experience. Toowoomba Farmers’ Market brand grew into day and night events including small business start-up courses for producers, food demos, long lunches, farm open days and farm tours. Plus, I connected with local talent, producers, and TV personality’s such as Hayden Quinn and Costa Georgiadis. Together we educated and change mindsets about local food produce.

I’ve worked with small and large agricultural clients to create systems both in administration and marketing. I have firsthand experience with the boring stuff like running accounts, to the more beautiful in social media management and of course photography.

I have contributed to media such as books, magazines, and newspapers with both written and visual content. I have oodles of experience guest speaking, running events and styling. Styling is a favourite of mine as this can transform how your audience can feel about your business, your product; about you. People buy from people they relate to. The design of your third environment whether it be a market stall, shop front, live demonstration, or photography of your product; people will base their decision on your visual and your voice.

You’ll find me regularly travelling on the trail from regional New South Wales down to country Victoria. And for all you Toowoombaites, I will be visiting from time to time to come and say hello, especially when it’s beautiful Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers time in September!