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From online to shop front.

And before you know it, your dream life, career and income are possible. You actually have a plan in place and the wheels in motion. You are one who has tenacity, who has a can do attitude and is going to make it happen, no matter what. You will succeed. These are the words, no doubt, Kelly had running through her mind when she made the decision to move The Olive Robin from an online space to bricks and mortar ✨
And what a good move it was. In the “Kookaburra” Cottage, Kelly now runs her business from this gorgeous quaint Country Store nestled in the foothills of Rockley, which you’d find just 30 minutes from Bathurst NSW 🌿
Filled to the brim with aesthetic pleasures, Kelly mostly will be re-arranging homewares and small gifts with a welcoming smile on her face. “One of our most fundamental philosophies for the business is to create a place where our customers can enjoy their shopping experience. It needs to be a space they can relax in, browse and enjoy the experience free from up-selling and pushy sales. We wanted our customers to leave the store having enjoyed their visit, irrespective of whether they chose to purchase something or not”Β  🀎
“It was also a priority that we had products of varying price brackets so all of our customers would be able to buy something they love. I didn’t want our customers to feel intimidated that the prices were too high and the products too exclusive. This was really important to me” πŸ’
“We have quite a vast customer base ranging from local residents, visitors from other areas of the Central West; Bathurst, Orange, Oberon, Lithgow, and Cowra and we also have many travelers popping in. I always try to take the opportunity to chat with my customers to ask where they’re from and am always amazed at how far some of them have come to visit us in Rockley 🧳
Kelly has been open since March 2022 and is so grateful for the customer base she is building. “The locals are now popping in to see “what’s new” or to grab a gift, the people from the surrounding towns are spreading the word about the store and the travelers are following us on socials and often reaching out to us after they’ve arrived back home. It’s every one of these customer engagements that tells us we’re on the right path” πŸ’β€β™€οΈ
Kelly was chosen for my recent project, Rural Women in Business, which will be featured next month over at my other page that’s just launching, @a_rural_collective. I am all about championing rural women in business as it not only lends support, it assists to overcome self doubt, builds resilience and business skills, whilst helping to push through the barriers and realize they are entrepreneurial masterminds that actually inspire others πŸ“Έ
If you’re feeling inspired and want to follow my journey as a Bathurst Photographer, as I find rural women, just like Kelly, who are bloody rocking it in business, hit like over in Instagram or Facebook, comment and help me to push this message out there online.
I’d love to work with you too, so just email me with an enquiry. I can’t wait to work with your business or family x.
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